The bell tolls for New Sporting

17 October 2019

We are gathered here today to bid good riddance to New Sporting, which in only a few short years rose from obscurity to become the world’s paradigmatic dodgy gear company.

The Mexican outfit has seemingly done everything possible to enrage and alienate a significant chunk of its customers. From obnoxious service to bad quality products, New Sporting has done it.

I put together the first summary of the emerging pathology of New Sporting in a post from May 2019 which asked, Is New Sporting a legitimate business?

That got me banned from commenting on the New Sporting Facebook page. Many others have reported similar attempts by New Sporting to ignore or suppress negative feedback about its service and quality.

Since then, the public criticisms of New Sporting have only intensified. And now the company may be about to pay the ultimate price for its egregious behaviour.

For if there is any justice in this world, there would seem to be no way for New Sporting to recover from the devastating critiques inflicted upon it by the YouTubers csquared and Ghost.

csquared: the rational recantation

Carlos, aka csquared, is a well-known and respected Youtube reviewer of boxing gear. He gave a glowing review of some New Sporting gloves in 2018, which did much to raise awareness of the company’s products and drive its popularity in the boxing community.

Carlos posted the above review in late September 2019 after a disappointed customer of New Sporting’s sent him a more recent pair of the company’s gloves to check out. Suffice it to say here that Carlos has resolutely repudiated his earlier verdict on New Sporting.

Carlos’ recantation is entirely reasonable. The YouTube comments on it provide the most compelling evidence yet of the authoritarian derangement of the people behind New Sporting: their immediate response was to threaten Carlos with a defamation action.

Ghost: the nail in the coffin

Ghost is a mysterious figure, more myth than man – but whoever or whatever he is, he has proved himself to be a genius of the Spanish-speaking boxing community with this remarkable debut work of audiovisual critique (complete with good English subtitles).

Ghost sets out the nature and history of New Sporting’s problems with clarity, force, and credibility. He has given us ordinary consumers the definitive verdict on this disgraceful company. If you still buy New Sporting after watching Ghost’s critique, then either you didn’t pay attention or you’re an idiot.

The lesson of it all is simple: avoid buying New Sporting. If you want Mexican-style gloves, get Cleto Reyes or one of the other established Mexican brands. Or get a pair of these.

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Posted by ScepticalBoxer


RIP obnoxious teenagers running an obnoxious brand


Yeah, they do seem to be obnoxious. Have you seen or read about the video posted by the woman? An extraordinary act of arrogant self-delusion.

Apparently they’re intending on “relaunching” the New Sporting brand soon. I’m not sure what means, though. A new logo or whatever won’t change much…

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