Morgan joins the ranks of water bag fraudsters

15 October 2019

I’m yet to determine just what it is, but something about water bags really does drive boxing gear companies into an insane frenzy of greed.

I’ve already posted about the amazing marketing fraud being perpetrated on the boxing community by the Aqua Training Bag company in the USA. AquaBags are simply rebranded marine buoys you can buy elsewhere for roughly half the price.

In that same post, I identified GameBred Sports as the Australian counterpart. This little company sells rebranded marine buoys at massively inflated prices, generally around four times what you’d pay for a functionally identical marine buoy.

That was back in May 2019 and, as far as I could determine at the time, GameBred Sports was the only Australian gear company selling water bags downunder. The water bag greed virus had yet to infect the bigger, more established companies.

It’s my sad duty to report that we may now be on the brink of an epidemic.

Today I was wasting time on the Internet when a marketing algorithm suddenly proposed that I might be interested in a certain item of boxing equipment newly available on eBay: the Morgan H20 Water Bag. The marketing algorithm, I must admit, was quite right.

So I clicked the ad.

Morgan is a leading gear company in Australia. It’s gloves are mostly overpriced junk, but that’s the norm here (everywhere?). Some of its other products are ok. I’ve owned several Morgan heavy bags over the years, and they were decent quality products at reasonable prices.

But what my click of the ad quickly revealed is that this well-known Australian gear company has contracted a truly virulent case of the water bag virus. Morgan has the disgraceful distinction of being the second perpetrator of an AquaBag-style marketing fraud downunder.

Morgan H20 Water Bag 35kg (A$249)

| eBay AU |

Morgan H20 Water Bag 55kg (A$299)

| eBay AU |

Those things are nothing more nor less than marine buoys. You can buy functionally identical Polyform A-series marine buoys from marine supply stores for a fraction of the cost. More specifically, the Polyform A-2 (15”) costs A$55, the Polyform A-3 (19”) costs A$84, and the big Polyform A-4 (23”) costs A$97.

If you know of any other Australian gear companies infected by the water bag greed virus, let me know in the comments below!

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I love this email. You have saved me a lot of money. Thank you so much.

It’s so disingenuous that these companies would do this. Thank you again.

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