Lace N Loop upgrades metal eyelet

8 November 2019

My review of the Lace N Loop straps strongly recommended them for users of lace-up gloves. They’re great products. If you train in lace-up gloves, then whether you train solo or in a gym, you’ll get a lot of utility out of them.

I should know. I own six pairs of the things. And as I mentioned in my review, I’ve never had any significant issues with my Lace N Loops, other than the rust which developed on the metal eyelets of two out of the six pairs.

Now as you all know I’m pretty sceptical of many aspects of the world of boxing, not least the multitude of gear companies who pollute that world with their crappy products and accompanying marketing bunkum.

So today I was very pleasantly surprised indeed when Lace N Loop informed me that it’s become aware of the rust issue and already taken positive action to remedy it by upgrading the metal eyelet to stainless steel.

Even with my evil sardonicism, I must allow credit where credit’s due. The guys behind Lace N Loop are to be commended for this mature and sensible response to reasonable critical feedback from their customers.

It’s my understanding that the upgrade applies to all Lace N Loop straps produced as of late 2019.

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