Is New Sporting a legitimate business?

24 May 2019

The answer to that question is “Yes”.

But now that I have your attention, let’s consider what we ordinary consumers of boxing gloves should make of New Sporting.

New Sporting is a Mexican company producing Mexican-style gloves in its own factory somewhere in Mexico. It offers a wide range of customisation options. The company seems to be a relative newcomer to the gear market. Its Facebook page was started in 2016. And as far as I can tell it’s only very recently that New Sporting has begun attracting significant attention in the boxing community outside of Mexico. But, to be honest, New Sporting could’ve been founded a century ago for all I really know.

I first came across New Sporting in late 2018 while perusing Sherdog when I should’ve being doing something with my life. The company was boldly hypothesised to be the mysterious Mexican manufacturer contracted by Grant to produce its absurdly expensive gloves. At the time, this hypothesis carried some credence with several of the forum speculators, mostly owing to the apparently identical form and quality of certain New Sporting and Grant gloves.

I have no idea whether that hypothesis is true or whether anyone still believes it. Given that New Sporting gloves cost a fraction of the price of Grant gloves, it may well have been nothing more than desperate wishful thinking from a small group of deranged gear junkies in withdrawal. In any event, as sadly interesting as the Grant question might be, it’s not what I intend to address in this post. (But, in all seriousness, who actually does make Grant gloves? And why is it so bloody hard to find out the truth?)

A more answerable question is whether New Sporting merits your custom. And, in my opinion, the answer is clearly “No” – assuming you don’t live in Mexico. The evidence coming through in online forums like Sherdog is overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, negative for people outside of Mexico. In a nutshell, New Sporting tends to combine obnoxious customer service with unreliable quality control, which is quite the opposite of what you want from a gear company (or from any company). They are also known to delete negative comments from their Facebook page.

So New Sporting is a legitimate producer of Mexican gloves, but it’s a bit dodgy in its dealings with people residing in other countries. If you’re in Mexico, then by most accounts you should be ok; but if you live anywhere else, there’s a very high risk you’ll have a bad experience, regardless of whether you know Spanish or not. More specifically, NewSporting seems pretty likely to either insult you, lie to you, mislead you, ignore you, delay shipping your order, or even all of those things, over a period of several months.

Users of on the Sherdog equipment forum report that the way in which New Sporting manages delays is particularly appalling. The delays are frequent and compounded by New Sporting’s strange habit of making false promises about shipping dates. The user HandNoise, for example, ordered gloves on 13 December 2018 and didn’t receive them until 14 March 2019, three months later. The user nolandvd ordered gloves in November 2018 and cancelled the order six months later on 24 April 2018, eventually receiving a PayPal refund on 23 May 2019. And the users Lotnik and Rabel Aracena report that they had to wait four months for their gloves to be finally delivered. They were all given false promises of delivery.

But I don’t want to deprive the maligned and mistreated consumers of New Sporting of their voice. They can speak for the themselves.

Customer service


“I live in Spain so obviously language shouldn’t be a problem… but sometimes I’m like WTF…”

“Yesterday they posted on Facebook saying they had finished loads of orders so expect photos within a few hours… Nothing.”

“I won’t be buying there again. Not as much for the delay as the poor service.”

“I asked for 16oz and was told they’d weigh nearly 18oz. So I asked about 14oz and was told they’d come in at 17oz. Say what?!”

“I need to deal with someone else at New Sporting if possible cos I’m sick of the lies and alibis.”

“I’ve had to report New Sporting to PayPal for just ignoring me… The second I did this, the woman started messaging me on Facebook. Obviously, she was rude as hell, sarcastically thanking me for going to paypal and saying gloves aren’t like tacos… This was all by voice message by the way so u could hear her utter fury and overcompensating arrogance. She even managed to attack Spain in the process, apparently we (I’m not Spanish) are impatient people. I ordered on November 21st 2018… Seriously.”


“Spanish is my first language and let me tell you it was as hard as hell to make this order… Probably never buying from them again even if the gloves are magical… Communication is dogshit.”

“These people are Crooks! They’ve left me with bad taste, lost me as a client and no more ‘Shit Sporting’ for me…”

“I was given 38 days to receive mine, I got them 99 days later. And because I finally asked a second time and the guy said his wife had shipped them and was going to get me the tracking number. Bullshit he shipped the next day and the date was on the picture of the receipt.”

“Each time I asked something… they would update me with false info and a picture to keep me happy except the lie was exposed in their pics. It’s pretty infantile and ridiculous. Sends me a pic of one glove finished ‘your gloves are done and in storage waiting to be shipped’ wait there’s only one done and a whole sheet of leather in the same color of my glove under the glove you just send me. Are they really done or you just felt like snapping a pic of one glove and that whole sheet of leather in the pic is irrelevant? 3 weeks later I get a pic with the pair of gloves reminding me they’re done again. I guess the gloves just wanted to cool out for a little bit before making the trip to me…?”


“It’s been a long road. Gloves were promised to be sent on 1st of march with 1 day delivery. As of today [25 March] I haven’t received them. Lots of excuses in between. I’m very tired and just want what I paid for.”


“I wish I’d seen this thread before I ordered some NS in November. All of the stories above about excuses and evasions happened to me too… worst customer service imaginable.”

“So last week when they finally got back to me, and I said that I had already began the process of getting my money back with Paypal, the guy I was instagram-chatting with said I didn’t need to do that, he’d sort a refund for me. He then asked for my details (again), and promptly disappeared. Luckily the Paypal process will come through… It seems NS approach everything to do with customer service in the same shitty, lax manner. It’s so awful, it is quite funny. But I want my money back, mainly so I can buy other gloves from a more reputable site…”

“Final word on my New Sporting saga: Got my refund via Paypal this morning. New Sporting refused to supply any information, so Paypal decided in my favour.”

Rabel Aracena

“I purchased gloves from New Sporting back in January. I just received my gloves today [23 April]. Overall, this was a horrible experience as I constantly had to message about my gloves for months. They didn’t get shipped out from Mexico until I took it up with Paypal and that’s when they FINALLY got the sent out. Do yourself a favor, AVOID THIS COMPANY! Do not do business with them.”


“I had the same story with NS. I took almost 4 months to get it delivered, and I heard a lot of promises that they are almost ready.”

Quality control


“I ordered a custom 16oz and 12oz. The 12oz is useless. It’s so tight and small inside, the hand compartment is more for like a 8 year old. Hard as a cast to the point it hurts making a fist. Both gloves squeeze the shit out of my thumbs and gets worst over time, specially the left one as it’s design is different to it’s matching pair with a slightly higher thumb and puts my left hand in a painful unnatural fist when I squeeze and punch my other hand. I feel discomfort on the joint around my trapezium and scaphoid bones right under the thumb. Some black marks around the leather and sloppy stitching and craftsmanship. It was the last pair made and seemed to be rushed.”

Rabel Aracena

“…they look horrible. Dirty. The white leather is dirty and I can’t take out the stains. Seems permanent. It’s white with greyish spots all around with some red stains here and there. The gloves all around are dirty and have a few pen marks on them. The materials and the gloves made from are not that great either. Expected better honestly.”


“I found one quality issue with them, the latex inside sticks out from the lining.”

Exposed linining inside Lotnik’s brand new New Sporting gloves

‘Nuff said. If you want a pair of Mexican gloves, avoid buying from New Sporting. There are better Mexican glove companies out there.

Have you bought gloves from New Sporting? If so, let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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