Is Fit2Box fit to review?

4 November 2019

The YouTube ecosystem is crawling with so-called “influencers”. This cultural honorific is bestowed upon popular YouTubers who post videos of themselves expressing opinions on products, services, and/or trends, thereby influencing the consumption choices of the thousands or even millions of people subscribed to their YouTube channels. Nowadays there seem to be YouTube influencers for everything under the sun. If you can think of it, then someone has already expressed an opinion upon it.

The world of boxing, of course, has its share of these YouTube influencers. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to identify something under the sun of the boxing world upon which one influencer or another has not expressed an opinion. This is especially so for boxing equipment. Boxers need good gear and many of them (myself included) are willing to spend substantial sums of money to get it. So they turn to Google for advice. And the influencers are there, ready and willing to give it.

In general, the phenomenon of influencers is potentially – and perhaps in many cases is actually – socially beneficial. This is because very many markets are subject to information failures. The market for boxing equipment is obviously one of them. The vast majority of consumers know next to nothing about the design, materials, manufacture, and everyday performance of boxing equipment. Influencers are well-positioned to help us ignorant consumers overcome the problem of informational asymmetry.

Yet influencers are also well-positioned to mislead and deceive us ignorant consumers, and, in fact, there are powerful incentives for them to do so. Influencers make money from advertising and affiliate marketing programs, but consumers won’t click to buy negatively reviewed products. Influencers often receive free products from companies, but companies won’t keep up the supply if all they get in return are bad reviews. (I can appreciate the power of such incentives because they also apply to me.)

“The No.1 boxing equipment review channel on YouTube”

And that brings me to the YouTuber Fit2Box (aka Simon Higgins). Fit2Box is the self-proclaimed top YouTube influencer on the highly vexed topic of boxing equipment. He has produced hundreds and hundreds of reviews of gloves and other gear, and his YouTube channel has thousands and thousands of subscribers. There is also a separate website designed to aid in navigating his extensive YouTube back catalogue. Fit2Box even has plans to introduce his own range of merchandise, starting with branded hand wraps.

Fit2Box aka Simon Higgins

But is Fit2Box really YouTube’s No.1 gear reviewer? It depends what Fit2Box means by “No.1”. If Fit2Box simply means that his channel has more subscribers than other gear review channels, then his claim to be “No.1” may well be true. There are more than 10K subscribers to the Fit2Box channel. As far as I can determine, Fit2Box’s main rivals on YouTube are csquared with 4.8K subscribers and ratethisgear with 3.44K. (The ExpertBoxing channel has a whopping 231K subscribers, but it’s mostly focused on training and fighting, with relatively few gear reviews.)

Quantity is not quality, however. If Fit2Box means that his channel provides better reviews than other gear review channels, then his claim to be “No.1” is both more interesting and more controversial. Let us consider what Fit2Box takes to be his own raison d’être:

I set up Fit2Box channel to help people make more informed decisions when buying their boxing equipment. Boxing is my passion and equipment is my area of expertise. My reviews are honest, unbiased and informative, to give my viewers my take on the best boxing equipment available, whatever your budget. I am totally independent and don’t receive any payment for any reviews, I do it for the love of the sport and to help people make the right choices for them.

This suggests that Fit2Box himself is deeply concerned with providing high quality reviews of boxing equipment. So that is how I shall understand his claim to be “No.1”. Is Fit2Box the best gear reviewer? Are his reviews of boxing equipment better than those of others? Should you base your gear purchases on his reviews? 

The short story is No, No, and No. In general, Fit2Box produces not reviews so much as uncritical, uninformative, and occasionally incoherent infomercials. If it were not for his amiable online persona, I would be tempted to say that Fit2Box intentionally designs his anodyne reviews to generate affiliate clicks and maintain a steady flow of free gear from the companies. But I won’t go that far. Fit2Box seems like a nice enough guy and I have no desire to impugn the man’s character.

What I will do is argue that Fit2Box is not fit to review. I shall do so by critiquing a selection of typical reviews. I must confess that I haven’t watched each and every review produced by Fit2Box. Not only are there hundreds and hundreds of them, but many are excruciatingly tedious (especially the “head-to-head” comparisons) and I’ve got better things to do with my life. Even so, I think I’ve watched enough of his reviews to put myself in a position to rationally identify problems with his general approach.

Let’s get into it.

Fit2Box is Unfit2Review

Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves 14oz Review

Fit2Box begins this review by distinguishing the Powerlocks from the cheap and nasty Everlast gloves sold in department stores. This distinction, while quite legitimate, serves as Fit2Box’s introduction of the central message his infomercial, that the Powerlocks are “top-end… top quality Everlast gloves”. Fit2Box then moves into an earnestly inane presentation of the branding Everlast has plastered all over the Powerlocks, taking the utmost care to point out the Powerlock logo on the thumb, the Powerlock logo on the grip bar, the “Choice of Champions” slogan and 14oz tag on the cuff, the Everlast and Powerlock logos on the wrist strap, and finally the big Everlast logo on the back.

A vague gesture is made toward something actually of interest to potential users of the Powerlocks when, pointing at the Powerlock logo on the thumb, Fit2Box tells us that “that is the Powerlock which is actually one of the design features.” But he immediately drops the ball and continues on with his tedious aesthetic rundown, leaving the nature and function of this key feature utterly unexplained. What is the Powerlock feature and what does it actually do? Fit2Box does nothing to clarify the mystery, probably because, like Everlast itself, he doesn’t know how.

The final half of the infomercial is a veritable encomium, in which Fit2Box heaps praise after praise upon the Powerlocks almost without end. He tells us that the Powerlocks are “a very nice top-end Everlast glove”, “an absolutely beautiful glove” which Everlast apparently “put out to challenge your Cleto Reyes, your Grants, and your Winnings”. (If this latter claim is true – and I highly doubt it given the existence of the MX line – then Everlast is even more delusional than Fit2Box.) Of course, there’s not the slightest mention in this infomercial of the complaints voiced by ordinary consumers in online gear forums about the irregular stitching, fragile padding, and other quality issues with the Powerlocks.

So what else is there for Fit2Box to do than “fully recommend” you buy them? 

Everlast Protex 3 Boxing Gloves Review

In this abysmal effort, Fit2Box stumbles along hopelessly for three-and-a-half minutes, propped up by little more than the adjective “nice”, which is his favourite linguistic crutch. He naturally begins by discussing one of the chief gimmicks of these gimmicky gloves, their velcro closure system. He enthuses over the “nice three parts to the velcro” on the cuff, telling us they’re something “which I really do like” but conspicuously failing to tell us why he likes them. And, in fact, there’s nothing at all to set those three small strips above or apart from the larger single strips standardly found on velcro gloves. 

Next, and apparently without realising it, Fit2Box proceeds to identify the obvious flaws of the gimmicky Protex3 velcro closure system. He observes first that the wrist strap is too short to be wrapped around your wrist for solid support, adding that, like the flimsy one on the Protex2s, it’s likely to split or tear off the glove if you pull it too hard. He then brings out the cuff sheaths and tells us that they “would make a nice fit that would cover over the velcro”. Despite the fact that the utility of the sheaths is as unclear as their inconvenience is clear, Fit2Box makes no attempt to explain why we should care about them.

As the review progresses, Fit2Box only clutches more desperately at the gimmicky straws put there for him by Everlast. He points out “a little rubbery part” on the thumb, telling us that “that’s EverGel”, but makes no attempt whatsoever to explain the nature and function of the mysterious substance. He then blurts out, as if by accident, that the Protex3s are “one of the better, more quality gloves that Everlast do”. This leads into one of the most pathetic moments in any of the Fit2Box infomercials. Desperate for something to justify his enthusiasm, Fit2Box suddenly tells us that “you’ve got there the EverCool, which is a feature of the glove, and you’ve got ‘Greatness is Within’ on there as well” – i.e. look! there’s some mesh and there’s a slogan. Wow.

In the end, things comes full circle as Fit2Box once more praises the “very nice three velcros there, which I think is a nice touch”, before concluding that Everlast has “obviously thought a lot about the look of the glove and they are a nice glove”. But I doubt whether even Everlast itself has thought as much about the look of these “nice gloves” as Fit2Box.

AquaBag as used by Canelo Alvarez Review

This is a perfect illustration of the total absence of critical acumen in many of Fit2Box’s reviews. The whole video is a kind of paean to the AquaBag, nearly four minutes of constant praise and admiration in which Fit2Box tells us, among other things, that AquaBags are “absolutely superb… absolutely brilliant” training devices, and he “would recommend an AquaBag to any gym or anyone”. 

There can be no mistaking the fact that this alleged review is really an infomercial. Text describing the sizes and prices of the various models of AquaBag appears throughout, ostensibly for our enlightenment. But the AquaBag company itself would be hard pressed to produce a more gushing, self-indulgent advertisement for its own products. Not without a blush, anyway.

Water bags are great. I agree with Fit2Box that they’re superb and brilliant training tools. As I have discussed in another post, however, AquaBags are simply marine buoys that you can buy for a fraction of the price from your local marine supply store or Amazon. The AquaBag company is perpetrating a marketing scam on the boxing community, and unthinking patsies like Fit2Box are enabling it.

RDX BGL-T9 Boxing Glove Review

Fit2Box goes right off the rails in this incoherent mess of a review. As usual he kicks things off with an aesthetic rundown. The tediousness gradually lulls you into a sort of living death, until Fit2Box points out that the wrist strap has “some nice badges on there as well to indicate the different features of the glove… on there it says RDX Giant Inside BGL-T9”. At that moment there is no knowing whether to laugh or cry at the inanity of it all; for my own part, I’m sure I was at least feeling something, and maybe even thinking too. I wasn’t dead.

And then the strangest thing happens, enough to jolt even me out of my sardonic musings. Fit2Box proceeds to actually criticise the T9s, as follows: 

As soon as I put these on I notice straight away that the thumb is a very short thumb, but also very compacted… so your thumb is actually sort of pushed in… which is not great comfortable wise… my thumb is right at the end there and it’s also being pushed in… the knuckle area and thumb are almost locked in position, so there’s no movement to open the hand… okay for the bag but not for sparring. I wouldn’t use these for sparring. There’s not enough hand movement in these for me to catch shots and that thumb is a little pressed in to the hand for me to use. They’re not as comfortable as a glove that I would want, very stiff, very tight in the fingers and thumb area and everything is sort of locked in place.

It’s unclear to me why Fit2Box would believe that uncomfortable, badly designed gloves are ok to use for bagwork but not for sparring. And I don’t believe he really does believe it. Perhaps he made the bagwork comment because he felt guilty about all the flood of deprecatory observations coming out of his mouth. However that may be, the gist of his criticism is obvious: the T9s are junk gloves, and you shouldn’t waste your money on them.

But being the amiable chap that he is, Fit2Box cannot bring himself to just say it. And as soon as he falls back into his default mode of anodyne positivity, he’s forced into the most absurd incoherence. For Fit2Box goes on to conclude that the T9s are “a decent pair of gloves for very little money”, “a bit of a steal really”, and “totally fit for purpose”. All of that, despite his having just demonstrated the exact opposite.

Velo Leather Boxing Gloves Review

Ok, one more. This one provides a good example of the aesthetic-functional-structural mishmash so common in Fit2Box’s reviews. It begins like a full-blown late night infomercial, complete with a host who is ostensibly astonished by the low price of the product he’s trying to sell. “Let me give you the price,” says Fit2Box, “and the price of these gloves is 29 pounds 99 pence. That’s right, that’s 29 pounds 99 pence… That is fantastic value for money”. 

Next Fit2Box turns to the gloves themselves. He refrains from indulging in one of his tedious aesthetic rundowns, choosing instead to focus on the functional and structural aspects of the Velos. This is commendable, at least while it lasts; but his attention is suddenly drawn to the stitching on the back/rear of the glove, which he sincerely informs us is “quite unusual… but it shows the attention to detail, and the fact that they have actually thought about what they’re doing with this glove. It shows effort, they’ve not just done sort of a stock glove, they’ve tried to put some design cues on there as well…” And so it goes. 

But what is the meaning of this drivel? Is Fit2Box making an aesthetic point? Or does he think that the stitching is functionally and/or structurally significant? Why does the stitching show that Velo has put thought into the glove? Why does it show effort? Does Fit2Box even know what he is saying and believe it? And why am I even asking such questions? It’s so much easier to just smile and nod along. After all, “at 29.99 these are fantastic value for money!”


What do you think about Fit2Box’s reviews? Let me know in the comments below!

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Posted by ScepticalBoxer


Lol! This is amazing. I learned pretty quickly to never trust his reviews. He’s a paid shill who enjoys free gear. Nice guy, but never says anything negative and can’t box…at all. May I remind that he is responsible for dozens (if not hundreds) of people getting scammed by Haymaker Boxing. If you want a real review, go to Csquared. Dude is legit.


Yep, I have some sympathy with your views, Brian.

I know of the Haymaker Affair, but I didn’t mention it because I don’t know very much about it.

Apparently Fit2Box eventually deleted his Haymaker review. Did he ever post an explanation or apology?

Brian, you’re so far off the mark it’s laughable. Fit2Box is no shill, doesn’t get paid & reviews independently based on his own opinions about the equipment he reviews. You’re clearly an associate of csquared boxing & simply favour the American approach of talking up a duff product because you got it for free. Fit2Box will drop a bad reviews if the equipment is bad & has done this before. Csquared doesn’t know what day it is. Dude is shit.

Was scammed by those clowns at haymaker after watching Fit2box reviews. Never received my gloves and never got a refund. Fit2box got nice gear but he not an honest person.


That’s really unfortunate, Rob. Does anyone know what happened to the Haymaker guy? Did he just vanish or what?

Unfortunately he’s still around probably scamming people. I actually reached out to csquared after he posted that YouTube video of “beware of haymaker” and he said he had the same problems and wanted to expose them. I guess he said his video was flagged or taken down. I remember seeing it getting a shit ton of dislikes within like a day or some shit. Probably that haymaker douchebag paid to spam it, who knows. To me Fit2box seems like he’s paid off, maybe I’m wrong who knows. But I don’t trust his reviews and if u ask him a question he always just replied to watch his videos. Not very helpful and just wants the views


It’s great that csquared at least made a serious attempt to raise awareness about the Haymaker scam. As I far as I know, Fit2Box simply removed his Haymaker review without further comment.

It doesn’t surprise me that Fit2Box’s replies are unhelpful. I’ve also been told that he routinely deletes comments if they disagree with his reviews, no matter how reasonable the disagreement.

Sceptical boxer, you’re clearly up the arse of csquared boxing or, in fact, one & the same person. Trying to pull down Fit2Box in order to promote csquared boxing is shallow & as see through as your mum’s nightie. His claim to being number 1 is true, he has the most subscribers & views. The attempt to link that statement to him meaning it as a boast is as flat as your mum’s chest.
You’ve been told he deletes comments? Been told? So your evidence is based on a third party indication? Your argument is as absent as you mum’s knickers on a weekend. I’m surprised that by Monday she doesn’t have a bust hip. Try a little harder to actually include some substance in your accusations. This website is about as legit as Trump’s hair.

Rob, Fit2Box is as honest as it gets. He has no association to Haymaker & is in no wayou responsible for their dishonest behaviour. You’re looking for a scapegoat in the wrong place.

Rob, how is Fit2Box not an honest person when he’s not linked or associated with that company in any way shape or form? Stop jumping to conclusions & stay off the meth.

fit2box seems like a nice guy, only problem i’ve ever had with him is sometimes i ask questions about gloves on his youtube channel and instead of just answering the question he’ll say something like “if you want to know, check out this video!” lol. dude is obviously more concerned about views and being “the number 1 review channel” than helping people. I also noticed some of his videos he has terrible boxing technique and I actually think hes a coach somewhere in England? theres videos of him hitting the bag and skipping rope and it looks really bad, like its the first time hes done it. so outside of the nice stuff he has i cant really take him seriously.


Yeah, several other people have also reported to me that Fit2Box refuses to answer questions. It seems like an odd approach because you’d think people would be more likely to return if he made the effort to engage with them.

Jacob, wants the point in him telling you at any length when he can simply just direct you to a video that gives you all the information you need? You’re being way to needy & need to stop sleeping in your mum’s bed. Man up.

I usually go on sherdog to look at glove reviews and just checked out fit2box and he’s super corny. Looks like he just gets brand new gear and “reviews” it without even trying them out, at least from what I’ve seen.


Sherdog is way better than Fit2Box for reviews.

The guys on there tend to do lots of actual rounds with the gloves, and often provide updates on how the gear is performing over periods of months. And there is open discussion and debate.

Fit2Box, on the other hand, seems to receive gloves in the mail, get them out of the package, then immediately sit down and review them… And, according to what I’ve been told, if anyone raises doubts or questions on his channel, he just deletes them.

Terry, Sherdog sounds like a grand national winner. That fell at the secondoor fence. Then got put down. And is now used as glue holding your comments together. Looks like he gets new gear without trying them out? How’s that when you see him testing it? Is your mum also your sister? Nice try.

Sceptical boxer, you’re clearly up the arse of csquared boxing or, in fact, one & the same person. Trying to pull down Fit2Box in order to promote csquared boxing is shallow & as see through as your mum’s nightie. His claim to being number 1 is true, he has the most subscribers & views. The attempt to link that statement to him meaning it as a boast is as flat as your mum’s chest.
You’ve been told he deletes comments? Been told? So your evidence is based on a third party indication? Your argument is as absent as you mum’s knickers on a weekend. I’m surprised that by Monday she doesn’t have a bust hip. Try a little harder to actually include some substance in your accusations. This website is about as legit as Trump’s hair.


I’m not csquared. I know don’t him. And I’m not pulling Fit2Box down to promote csquared.

My argument is not absent or insubstantial. It’s clearly set out in my post. The crux of it is that Fit2Box mostly produces empty infomercials.

I have been told he deletes comments. I’ve never accused him of doing it. I said I’ve been told he does it.

Sceptical boxer, you’re clearly in the wrong business. So if Fit2Box isn’t fit to review, who made your opinion valued enough to suggest that someone else can’t have their say? Lay off the alcohol, weed & the mushrooms & get from behind your laptop in your transformer pyjamas & go see the world. Trolling is an art forms & your attempt to bump off Fit2Box yet whilst promoting a loser like csquared just shows what you’re made of. I hope this website set up wasn’t expensive because you’ve wasted your mum’s pocket money.


I’m not suggesting that Fit2Box “can’t have his say.”

I’m suggesting that Fit2Box lacks critical acumen and consequently his gear reviews are mostly empty infomercials (in style).

I don’t use weed, alcohol, or psychoactive mushrooms. I don’t own transformer pyjamas.

This website was not expensive to set up, and I didn’t use my mum’s pocket money to pay for it.

I’ve no interest in promoting csquared. I don’t know him.

There is a difference between trolling and legitimate criticism.

You’ve come on here attacking both me and csquared, without addressing any of the substantive points in my post.

Who’s the troll?

Sceptical boxer, I’ve answered your points. Fit2Box do NOT produce infomercials of any kind. To suggest such is slander as you have no physical proof of transactions taking place from a manufacturer to Fit2Box in order for him to then promote the equipment. I’ll say that again. It’s slander. Your opinion is worthless & utterly unsubstantiated. Yet you appear to believe you have the right to cast down a YouTube channel that provides informative reviews in order to help the consumer make a choice. His views are his views. It doesn’t mean that he’s right across the board & anything other than what he says is rubbish. He just expresses his findings which may or may not help those watching. If you don’t like his findings then move along & go some place else. But no, you decide to create a lengthy, detailed & analytical attack on a channel that dedicates hours & hours in producing unbiased reviews. You obviously think you’re entitled to attack him, as if what you think really counts? With over 11k subscribers & rising he’s reaching out to those that are seeking advice. How they use that is up to them & he has no association to any of the manufacturers & therefor shouldn’t have a finger stuck in his face for example over the Haymaker fallout. It’s NOT his fault that they acted as they did & was beyond his control. I doubt very much you’ll have a stab at csquared boxing which subscription wise is inferior & clearly favours ‘home’ brands. There is no clear marker to suggest he’s ‘legit’ in any way. You’ve just trolled the guy because it’s not to your taste, but facts & figures don’t lie. He’s the number 1 boxing equipment channel, so watch, listen & enjoy. I wonder how many of my comments will get deleted?


There is a difference between trolling and legitimate critical analysis.

Fit2Box reviews are mostly “infomercials” in style.

My post does not accuse Fit2Box of taking money.

My post does not mention the Haymaker affair.

None of your comments will be deleted (unless they use inappropriate language, etc).

Simon -Fit2Box channel


I’ve just been alerted to your ‘attack’ on me and my channel

You seem to have been ‘triggered’ by
Me stating ‘No1’
This is based solely on that I have the most ‘subscribers and views’ in this very very small corner of YouTube

Not me bragging or putting any other reviewers on YouTube down

There are some very good reviewers out there, I too rate csquared boxing and we occasionally chat and are supportive of what each other are trying to do

Which is simply to help people get better boxing gear

Re comments if you look I pretty much answer most comments ,as many as I physically can,this is getting more difficult obviously as the channel grows bigger

I very rarely delete comments

And if I direct a viewer to a video it is not to get more views🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s because the answer they require is in that video and it would take a long time to type the same answer

You claim I am a ‘paid shill’ because of the amazon associate links but you yourself have the same links🤦🏻‍♂️

You have used some very historic videos to ‘evidence’ your points (back in the day when I never used to show my face)

Hopefully I have improved and learned over my short time (4 years) on YouTube

Re the aqua bag we have an aqua and a £50 water bouy and the water bouy is definitely different to the aqua bag

The aqua bag is softer the water bouy is hard as hell especially in the cold
So unless I have not found the right water bouy seller my experience is they feel different to punch

Yes my reviews are positive

I’m a positive person

I know that I would probably get MORE views if I NEGATIVELY slated brands and gear
It’s easy to be negative on social media
I choose the more positive path…..

I do get criticism for this
But I make no apology for keeping the channel positive

In my reviews I aim to show viewers as much extra information as I can to help the viewer MAKE THEIR OWN MIND UP

I cannot recommend the perfect glove/equipment for everyone
I am different size to other people height/weight
Have different sized hands
Different feet to others
But I try to provide as much information visually and with commentary on the videos

I will point out areas that could be improved and I do try to keep a balanced unbiased and honest view on the items I review

Appearing on Fit2box channel is a ‘Seal of my approval’

If I find out that a company/brand is falling short of what I expect
I have no hesitation in pulling a video from my channel
As I have done already

The last thing I want is for a viewer to have a bad experience on the back of seeing my videos😔

I would NEVER mislead or deceive my viewers they mean to much to me🙌🏼

I am NOT paid by ANY brand or company NEVER have been AND NEVER will

The Brands will confirm this

Brands CANNOT send me free gear and get a glowing review

Me keeping gear is NEVER a condition of me doing a Review

I return gear if it doesn’t reach a certain standard that I like/love

MANY brands will confirm that I go back with feedback on ways to improve their gear (for free I might add)
AND RETURN the gear back to the companies unless they state otherwise

(Sometimes the companies take on board the feedback and return with improved gear
sometimes they are offended- my intention is not to offend only to help them improve their gear)

it is the reason I set up the channel in the first place to help people buy better boxing equipment

Anyone who thinks that I do this channel for the money is a fool🤦🏻‍♂️

The amount of hours I put into create content
testing everything
There are a LOT of easier ways to earn money🤣

I try to answer as many comments as I possibly can as the channel gets bigger I do sometimes refer viewers to videos ( Not to gain views but the answer is in there, otherwise what’s the point in me doing the video🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️)

Testing /Footage
people in my gym know this as they sometimes help in that testing process

I do include footage NOT for any other reason than to show that I do in fact test the gear , I’m not just reviewing gear straight out the packet🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

If viewers want to see perfect boxers and boxing then there is plenty of footage of Top professionals out there

As I say ‘in gym’ footage in my videos is Solely to show viewers I have spent the time to test prior to review

People who know me know my honesty and integrity is at the core of everything I do

The channel evolves over time it’s been 4 years and hundreds of videos since I started the channel
Hopefully my videos have improved over that time😆

I do cringe at some of the early ones😏

I constantly try to come up with ideas to entertain viewers

And hopefully that comes across

Hard as it is for some cynical quarters
To understand
I genuinely do this channel to help people make better equipment choices FOR THEM

I DONT DO the channel for

And I guess I can’t be to everyone’s taste

But the extent of your unfounded attack based on your self confessed ‘sceptical’ view Is a little Sad

I would like to finish off by Thanking Everyone that watches or has ever watched Fit2box channel🙌🏼

I am massively grateful of their support and kind words🙏🏼

I do hope you keep this response on your website
Or delete your unfounded personal opinions

Now that you are more educated in how I work and my intentions

You could have just contacted me with feedback which I could have taken on board instead of using me to attract views of your own ‘reviews’

I’m still surprised that you have approached this in this way😔

You should use your time more positively in future

Fit2box channel


The post is a critical analysis of your style of gear reviews.

The post is not “unfounded” because I give reasons/arguments for my views.

The post does not state that you’re a “paid shill”.

The post does not state that you receive pecuniary or any other benefits from your reviews.

The post is about your lack of critical acumen and what that means for the consumers of boxing gear who watch your reviews.

The “negativity” which you naively despise is necessary for almost any critical thought.

Furthermore, it can, and very often does, serve positive aims.

And indeed that’s what the “negativity” of my post is doing.

Just as you want to help people make up their own minds about what gear to buy, I want to help them make up their own minds about what gear reviewers they should listen to.

I have no idea why you and your acolyte Wladimir believe I’m interested in promoting or defending or “rating” csquared.

I also have no idea why the two of you believe the post was “triggered” by your claim to be No.1. It was triggered by watching your reviews.

Your response will remain on this website.

I’m actually very pleased that you wrote it, as it’s a contribution to the kind of discussion/debate required to inject more rationality into the gear scene.

Sceptical boxing, I’m no acolyte, assistant or servant to Fit2Box. What I am is a disgruntled viewer who doesn’t appreciate slander.
You are not qualified to run down that channel, which yes I do favour over others for that matter, but I doubt any others will come under your self obsessed radar especially csquared boxing.
Any idea that Fit2Box lacks critical acumen is totally absurd & paramount to your own dysfunction.
Perhaps by that you mean that he is not negative enough about the equipment, but that’s his style. There is now a card rating system in place so if they were all placed on a desk, there’d be a best & a worst, a winner & a loser, a top & a bottom.
You are promoting csquared boxing in your responses to other comment makers, by clearly stating that they do something that Fit2Box doesn’t.
I never said that I was triggered by the number 1 issue, I’m just pissed that you’ve attacked a channel doing hard work because it will attract attention.
As my brother Vitali says “why let the truth get in the way of a good story”.
You aren’t qualified to say what you’ve said.
You should retract the article & focus on other sceptical areas of boxing like the organisations protecting certain champions & belt holders in order to gain financially. Or the creation of other belts in order to divert serious challengers away from their favoured champion.
That’d be worth a read…..


The only “qualification” required for criticism is a brain capable of critical thought and reflection.

I mentioned csquared in the comments only in the context of someone else’s prior comment. I have no special interest in promoting csquared.

I did not say that you were triggered by the No.1 issue. What I said was that my post wasn’t triggered by that issue.

It’s not totally absurd to suggest that Fit2Box lacks critical acumen. The reasons/arguments/justifications are given in the post.

If, as you insinuate, you are not personally or otherwise connected with Fit2Box, then I would suggest that your very strong passions about my post are misguided.

They’ve driven you to say and do some strange, though rather entertaining, things. You’ve accused me of being either identical to csquared or a stooge of his. You’ve accused me of being a drug user. You’ve attacked my choice of pyjamas. You’ve called csquared a loser. You’ve suggested that one must be somehow qualified before exercising one’s critical faculties on popular Youtube influencers like Fit2Box. You’ve accused me of saying various things I’ve never said. You’ve called me self-obsessed and dysfunctional.

But surely there are bigger fish to fry.

Given the displeasure reading my post has caused you, you might want to take your own advice from an earlier comment and move on.

In any event, I shall let you have the last word, if you’d like to have it…

Sceptical boxer, you’re a liar.
Brian stated in his comment that Fit2Box was a paid shill & can’t box…. at all. You sympathised with his views.
You didn’t say it outright, but agreed with the statement.
The bottom line is that you’re a narcissist. Obsessed & driven by your own self belief that all that matters in life is what you think.
Trying to discredit Fit2Box, which has the largest subscription base, then posting your own reviews shows classic narcissistic traits in control. You wish to eliminate the opposition in order for you to gain popularity or shift the fan base alliance.
You’re not in control of anyone. Disruptions are highly likely. Things won’t run as you wish them to. Complexities will get in the way, that’s life.
You’ll have the last say because you must, it’s your nature to do this because you can’t exist without having control of everything you do.
Yes I’ve accused you of lots of things, but that doesn’t make it true. I may suggest it but the proof would come from you in acknowledgement.
Consider that line of thought in your future comments & articles. Just because you think it & say it doesn’t make it so.
And stop being so hooked on critical acumen. You don’t need to stamp on something or someone to make it readable or interesting.

Actually I’ll go one further Sceptical Boxer because I’ve just read through your drivel about Everlasts Powerlock technology & there you state that Fit2Box is like most other paid shills. So you did state it, but you lied & denied it to Simon himself in a response to his attempt to bring you into the light. This isn’t working out well for you is it?


I called him a “shill” in that post, not a “paid shill” – but I’ve replaced it with a better expression: “shill-like”.

“This” – whatever it is, but I assume you mean this blog – is working out very well for me. Why wouldn’t it be?

There’s no need for you to actually answer that.

Hello Sceptical Boxer,

Happily agreed. Fit2box reviews seem to be in general excessively positive. I fell into this trap myself and bought two pair of custom made gloves from a then new on the market company which he presented at on par with Cleto Reyes and Winning. And the quality of the gloves was to put it mildly very improvable.
I take the so-called reviews now for what they are, product presentations from a lot of camera angles. I find it useful to have the channel as an extensive catalogue of boxing equipment not more.

I watch alot of glove reviews (TheeCombatCorporation is the GOAT IMO, even though we have different tastes).

Your wordy takedown is really off base in regards to fit2box. Tons of great info on that channel. You have confused someone who is positive and constructive about products with a shill.

He is also specific about use cases 4 products, price points, and glove features. More in depth and useful than almost anyone.

You’re way off base and come off jealous IMO.

Also, yeah, the guy got scammed and accidentally promoted some crappy products that changed over time. He does his beat to update info on pricing and quality changes but he cant be perfect.

You need a valium or a jog maybe

Nah, no need for valium, and I’m definitely not jealous! I have no aspirations to be a YouTube influencer. But a jog would probably do me good. Thanks for reading.

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