DIY sparbar in action!

21 October 2019

This is the sparbar I made myself as explained in my post on How to make your own sparbar.

It’s the Critical B&F (née ScepticalBoxer) DIY sparbar MkII with a tennis ball attached to the end of the bar for additional head protection. This was necessitated after the Critical B&F DIY sparbar MkI opened up a small cut over my left eye.

I actually had a video of that embarrassing incident, but it spontaneously vanished from my video editor. Weird.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this DIY sparbar (not my technique) in the comments!

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Posted by ScepticalBoxer


The spar bar seems good enough, although your link on how to make one is a long long read. It works so that’s the main thing! I gotta say though as much as you don’t want to know what I think about your technique, you need practice! To hit a nail right you’ve gotta swing the hammer right if you catch my drift. Other boxing review channels sometimes show them on the bags and stuff and I get they are no pros but they are quite good. But maybe you should just stick to typing dude! Or making stuff with pick axe handles.


Hahaha… very true. My only excuse is that I was going easy/casual for the purposes of testing/demonstrating the device’s functionality.

You don’t have to make excuses, if we were all that then we’d all be in the paid ranks. Just admit you ain’t that good, no shame there.


I ain’t that good – or good at all! I thought I was admitting that, hahaha.

As I say elsewhere, in boxing terms I’m an elderly novice, so you should treat what I say with as much scepticism as I treat everything.

Talking Beard

Terry and Jacob you guys belong together, and far far away from everyone else. No I’m not joking, share your misery and warped outlooks with each other and leave the rest of us alone. Sceptical Boxer love your work, I’ll absolutely be using your guide to help me construct this, thank you.

You’ll get better with practice, that’s the nature of practice.
But if you want us to treat what you say with that much scepticism then why are you even doing this? You’re asking us to read what you’re saying but not to take it in, kind of? OK!


I enjoy boxing and I enjoy writing. I haven’t asked anyone to read anything. If someone finds something I’ve written interesting/useful/enjoyable, great! If not, not.

Whatever someones opinion is about whats your level of boxing doesn’t affect your credibility. You’ve been a great help and especially with materialistic experience and a sceptic look on things I cannot say other than that I appeciate your work. The fact how you take criticism shows you have in you what most athletes don’t have regardless of their level. You have demonstrated a cool DIY project, and show here how to carefully use it. Make sure the bar is on chin level (cant see it because of the camera angle). Your work is much appreciated! Love the concept and your writing!


Cool, thanks Lee, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

To be honest, your form wasn’t all that bad like these people are saying. Your post about how to make a DIY sparbar has inspired me to build one of my own and seeing it in action has just helped fuel that desire to build one. Much appreciated, especially because I need something to do for this quarantine haha


Cool man, thanks for the kind words.

Act on your inspiration. It’s a good time to try something like this!

Totally agree with Lee! Your post motivated me to make my own after seeing the epic price of the real one.. the only thing I would like to add is something like a punching ball on top of it to simulate a head. Long story short, great post and video! And don’t mind what other people whine about, practice makes perfect and you gave people an opportunity to practice! Thank you for that! Cheers!
(English is not my native tongue so please ignore the grammatical errors)

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

I bet Jacob and Terry work for the company that produces the sparbar.

Critical B&F

Thanks Jay, glad you found it useful.

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